Freedom to play anywhere!

Foooty was created from frustration of one of the founders, Jean-Pierre Raes. Going on holidays he and his wife often forgot to take a ball for their kids to play with (or couldn't fit one in the suitcase). They ended up buying a new ball on many trips so their home eventually became a “museum of footballs.” 

The frustration led to a creative process.It started with a T-Shirt! We thought we could make a Tee that you can fold into a ball to kick around? After a lot of trial & error we ended up with a t-shirt with a connection system to fold it into a ball. After playing around with this clicking system we noticed that there were many more possibilities when we would skip the T-shirt. So we did and the Foooty was born.  The connection elements became the base to create anything you want and to play anywhere you want... (Still, if you want, you can put a T-shirt inside of your creation. It can help when it's a bit too windy)

Foooty was successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2016 . Many Foooty packs traveled to over 30 countries. In 2017 it was officially introduced in retail during the international Toyfair in Nuremberg. In the meantime this dutch invention is a worldwide, available in many stores around the world from France to Germany to Italy to Japan and now New Zealand. 

The Foooties are made out of recyclable PP. We feel the responsibility to continuously research and experiment to improve sustainability.

We are the official stockists of Foooty for the New Zealand and Australian markets.